The latest version of Google Translate Google Android Translator

100% offline and tested without difficulty

For some time, Google has been surprised by the amazing surprises of its Android smartphone users. Certainly, if you are an Android user and work with Google’s various services, you will know Google Translator or the Google Translate service.

The service was also available as an app on Android phones online. Now Google has released a new version of the software that can be used online when installed online, but now introduces a way for you to be able to use this unrivaled application offline and with Use the database completely offline.

Google translate_cover google translate

Google Translate is capable of translating all texts from English to Farsi and Persian to English. If you need other languages, you can easily download and use them from within the program. The new Google Translator also supports Persian audio input , and you can easily type them into words to type in the program. This feature is online.

Handwriting recognition and writing of words is another way to enter text into applications that works better for handsets with a pen like the Samsung Note.

Offline database

In the new version of the program, you can easily download the offline database of all languages ​​from within the program.