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GravityBox v8.5.3 Apk

Personalize your phone with GravityBox

Unlocked versions for Android 4.0 to 7.0

GravityBox is one of the most popular and powerful Android extension modules, with which you can add unique features to your mobile operating system.


Features of the Gravity Box

  • Ability to change the screenshot image with the desired image
  • Transcoding the Lock Screen and displaying the home page as a screen saver page
  • Ability to insert shortcuts from apps and games used with camera shutter key
  • Turn off the screen of the phone without the need for a button and only by double-tapping the page quickly
  • Adjust the screen rotation on the lacquer screen using the accelerometer sensor
  • Ability to add a message to display in the Lock Screen
  • Add the Quick Settings page to the Navigation bar
  • Displays the amount of traffic sent and received in the Status Bar
  • Increase or decrease the screen light by touching the statuette load longitudinally
  • Set the color of the staatus load to the desired color and the ability to change the color of the clock on all pages
  • Ability to change the colors of the icons showing the status of the battery and the signal status or their complete change
  • Changing the battery icon with 7 default icons
  • The ability to completely hide the phone clock or transfer it to the Staatus load center
  • Ability to add seconds to hours
  • Display the day and month (date) next to the phone’s clock
  • Add the HD movie capture menu to the screen
  • Put the desired ringtone to inform you about battery drain and announcement to connect the charger

Note: This is a system program and if you are an amateur, do not install and manipulate it!


8.0.1 – 23/02/2018 
– Recents: added option for always visible Clear All button (non-OOS only) 
– QuickSettings: 
— fixed QuickApp tile icon appearance 
— improved scaling correction 
– screenshot: use native method if available (eg uses OnePlus screenshot on OOS) 
– Improved handling of GravityBox services (Torch, …) 
— they should work with Battery Optimization turned on for GravityBox 
– Improved handling of explicitly triggered SystemUI restarts 
– BatteryStyle adjustments for Samsung devices (thanks to Firefds) 
– Updated in Hungarian translations (thanks to benjoe1) 
– Updated Russian translations (thanks to gaich)

Download files with direct link

Android version JB 3.7.2 – Size: 4.59 MB

Android version of KK 3.6.2 – Size: 4.86 MB

Android Lollipop 5.4.7 version – Size: 4.6 MB

Version for Android MM 6.5.1 – Size: 6.39 MB

Android version N 7.2.1 – Size: 6.59 MB

Android version 8.0+ – Size: 6.31 MB

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