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Greenify Donate v3.8.7 Apk is Available !

The finalized and patched Android Greenify Greenfire 

Best app for speeding up the phone 
  The latest version of Dunit and patched software

If you have installed a lot of software on your phone and feel that your phone is slow and battery consumption is also increased due to the running of the software, one of the best solutions to your software is Greenify ROOT .

The Greenify software is able to take your unused applications into hibernate mode to release your resources, which ultimately reduces battery usage and speeds up the phone like the first day you bought it.

It has no effect on the speed of running programs. As soon as sleeping apps run, programs run, and it’s better to add apps that are used like alarms, sms management, etc. to the list of sleeping apps. Do not stay active.


The Glifa is known as one of the top 2013 apps on Lifehacker’s site, and we recommend installing it on your phone.

Greenify needs a smart and efficient operation, but if your phone is not rooted, you can still use this app, but this feature is still in the experimental area.

just for information :

The Renew My Phone software is dubbed your Android smartphone as fast as fast and fast as you did on the first day!

important points:

  • Before installing the new version, be sure to delete the old version first.
  • This program requires installing and activating the GNU / Linux module.
  • TitaniumBackup Pro software interacts with the Greenify program due to the Freeze capabilities of Task Killer programs and utilities and the management of Autostarts with the Greenify program and prevent the program from functioning properly, so it is best to delete these programs because you no longer need them.
  • This app does not need to be patched by Lucky Peg and also works well on Android Runtime on the Android Kit Kit.
  • Once installed, run the Greenify application and add the apps you are going to Hibernate to add to the list of apps, and eventually the apps go to sleep by choosing zzz !

How to enable the GNU / Linux program module:

  1. To enable the program module, first download and install the Xposed Installer program.
  2. Run the program to the Framework section.
  3. Click the install / update option to install the app and restart your phone.
  4. Run the Xposed program again and in the Modules check box, activate the Greenify option.

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