The latest version of GTR Speed ​​Rivals for Android

Android racing games can easily create fun times by placing you in an exciting competition. In these games, tight competition and the possibility of personalizing cars are one of the priorities of the player.

GTR Speed ​​Rivals is an awesome Android racing game developed and published by Azur Interactive Games Limited. The main features of this game are their great attention to graphics and great design. The game is carefully designed and all levels are of high quality.There is also the possibility of online and multiplayer games, and after choosing a car and promoting it, you can compete online with your friends.

GTR Speed ​​Rivals Download Speed ​​Contenders for Android

Features of GTR Speed ​​Rivals

  • Unmatched design
  • Very high graphics
  • Paying too much attention to different graphic sections
  • Has professional matches
  • Single player
  • Multiplayer and online gaming
  • Getting dragged in the game
  • Car rent for a race
  • Perfectly personalize the look of the car
  • Possibility to upgrade engine and interior equipment of the car
  • Has a global standings
  • There are more than 25 racing cars of the day
  • And other features

Other features of the GTR Speed ​​Rivals game include the possibility of participating in professional races. The gameplay is very fluid and superb, and there is the possibility of dragging in the game. You can also perfectly customize your car’s appearance and make it perfectly sporty. The interior equipment of the car can also be upgraded and you can easily switch the engine and gearbox for more power and enjoy the power of the car.

If you do not have enough money to buy your favorite car, you can rent the car for a race and pay only for the rental instead of paying the full cost. The game gives you the choice of more than 25 racing cars of the day, such as the BMW i8, Porsche and Ferrari, and you can choose any one you want . The game also has different stages and you can go through different stages of the single player and complete this section.