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Guns of Boom v2.6.0 MOD Apk is Available !

The game is incredibly beautiful and highly addictive Guns of Boom

Excellent graphics and fully 3D optimized design
Online, professional and highly competitive gameplay in the FPS game genre
Hong Kong Studios Game Insight

Note: The game is online and online

These days, much of the online games are played on smartphones and tablets. Games that have now become so professional that they are even more popular with many online game consoles because of their portability. The Guns of Boom is a very professional and action -like example produced by the Hong Kong Game Insight studio.


Features :

  • Super awesome graphics with three-dimensional design and detail
  • Optimized and able to run on weaker devices
  • Excellent design, ultra-attractive soundtrack and extremely sophisticated effects, especially explosions (BOOM)
  • Online teaming and tactics
  • Completely online , smooth, dynamic and super-professional gameplay in Action FPS style
  • Ability to choose player character from several default examples
  • Possibility to personalize, manage and upgrade the character of the game professionally
  • There are dozens of firearms with upgradeable capabilities
  • Possibility to use equipment such as armor, grenade, health kit and …
  • Includes awards section and special rates
  • There are various places and maps
  • A professional yet easy and easy controller with personalization capabilities
  • Adjustable shooting automatic or manual
  • Ability to adjust the game graphics in three modes: Low, Medium, High
  • Ability to add other players to your friends list
  • Possibility to enter different colognes

New version features:

🔺 Possibility to play all 4 members of a Cologne in a match
🔺 Added 24 new weapons
🔺 Limit the amount of game ammo
🔺 Possibility of switching weapons during racing
🔺 Added new skins and masks
🔺 Improved dramatic performance anti-cheat system play
🔺 Further improvement in game stability

Introducing and reviewing the game Guns of Boom

If you are interested in FPS games and games and online games in this genre, you will certainly have a lot of games in this area for your mobile or tablet. Fortunately, with the advancement of the game industry, various game genres and genres are seen more and more on mobile devices, but anyway, choosing from other games of that genre is better to have you download multiple games. It’s a bit hard.

If you are such players and are looking for a low-level rival in the field, we will offer you the unique Guns of Boom game. This game has so many positive and professional points that you will definitely learn about each one after experiencing it. Surely the first thing you encounter is graphics and game designs. This game in this field means a wonderful word.

Check out the graphical content and gameplay of the Guns of Boom

The graphics of the Guns of Boom game are really professional but at the same time optimized for volume so that weaker devices can run it. Extremely three-dimensional design contributes to the graphics process of the game. In the next section, the widespread and fascinating section of the gameplay, after a few minutes of playing, you will be determined to be professional in the style of the game.

The style that is like many FPS action games and its dynamic gameplay will give you a sense of consoles gameplay. In the wonderful Guns of Boom game you will be in the role of a member of a team to fight against the opposing team. You must destroy the enemies as quickly as possible by carefully targeting and using military tactics like capture and so on.

The tournament style is Deathmatch . In this kind of struggle, both teams are in the opposite position at a given time. Any team that has the highest number of killings and the least number of deaths will win. If any player is killed, after a few seconds, the person re-enters the game and this item will continue until the end of each stage. You can use various weapons and equipment such as grenades, health kits and more to improve your performance.

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