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HERE WeGo – City Navigation v2.0.11480 Apk is Available !

Nokia HERE WeGo release of Nokia Maps for Android released
With the ability to view aerial maps (satellite) and ground
Official Site Software: Here.com

The new version with the ability to use offline
And select the desired map location and very stable support of x86

Nokia and Symbian world and the world’s best software routing Nokia Maps! Software perhaps one of the reasons for choosing the brand of Nokia and its Symbian operating system for each user is a wonderful application called Nokia Maps on the phone. But Symbian gradually paint and glaze your old lost and Nokia recently to produce phones with Windows and even Android has scored in both of these platforms, we are seeing a map application and routing new Nokia Here Maps are named.

Nokia HERE WeGo certainly can be a competitor for Sayjyk be considered. Sayjyk advantage spokesman routing and Farsi, but the biggest drawback is the lack of his plans that gradually led the Iranian users of GPS turn away. Now Nokia HERE WeGo is to map the incidence and features his unique take place Sayjyk and become the most popular GPS Iranians.

This application is one of the cheapest Android phones in the world, the Nokia X is available now maybe we have a copy of the software for other phones Android ported by which it will be able Nokia Here Maps on any other Android phones installed with any brand and experience. Interestingly, the Nokia X and other news services, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Play, and Google Drive, Google is not to replace these services from Nokia Store, Nokia Mail, HERE Maps and Navigation is used. This software has interesting features such as routing and the ability to save the current location, complete with maps of 90 countries in the world.


  • Search functionality desired location anywhere in the world
  • + Routing audio routing functionality (Farsi available)
  • The ability to save locations for later use offline maps
  • The ability to share locations
  • Ability to view and find places nearby
  • Usability offline
  • Ability to download offline maps
  • Speed ​​warning

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