Heroes and Castles 2 Epic Games

Part II of the Heroes and Castles series

A product from Foursaken Media

Adreno, Mali, PowerVR, Tegra with data file 4

+ Gameplay video

Heroes and Castles 2 is the second episode of the Champions and Castles series, which has been produced and released since the relative success of Part One . Although the previous version had been overwhelmingly downloaded and satisfied with the users, there were a lot of criticisms of the game. Not so professional gameplay and typical graphics … Now in Heroes and Castles 2, we see the same great elements of Part One, with the elimination of previous problems! The graphics have grown dramatically and the gameplay has been greatly optimized. Join us with this game.

Heroes and Castles 2

atributies :

  • Very good graphics (noticeable improvement over previous version)
  • Attractive and entertaining gameplay in action, strategy and role play (RPG)
  • With a passionate and epic storyline
  • There are different characters
  • Ability to personalize and manage characters
  • The ability to create huge armies and lead them
  • The ability to build the castle and upgrade it
  • Includes Campaign and Multiplayer
  • Existence of a range of enemies including Undead, Orcs, Goblins, Ghouls, Spiders, Trolls, Catapults, Mummies and …

Play Heroes and Castles 2

Heroes and Castles 2 can be considered the heroes and castles. The story of the game in the previous part is almost unfinished. On the surface, the victory came from humans and elves, but in the second part, the game Heroes and Castles 2, the evil forces of the enemy are tens of times more powerful than before. In this game, you are still in the role of knight of the hero of your own land. After several months of warfare and bloodshed, just as you think you have won victories, a huge army of enemies has been sent to your castles in the distant hands.

You’ve lost a lot of your supporters and you can not resist with the few remaining helpers. Especially since the enemy, after the initial defeat, has been collecting hundreds of thousands of Satan. The enemy’s army will be strengthened more and more and your work will be harder. But in Heroes and Castles 2 you will not be alone … Dwarfs, Elves, Archers, Pikemen, Giants, Knights, Catapults, Mage are at your side. Although their presence will be a great help to you, this is not enough, and the enemy’s army continues to hit your gates. Prepare your sword and be proud of your land!

Gameplay capabilities

In Heroes and Castles 2, there are many capabilities, including the existence of various weapons, the ability to personalize characters, the ability to build a castle, equip it, and promote it. One of the things that is needed to win enemies is to have strategy skills. Strategy-style action-action-RPG. In fact, this combination of styles has helped make the game more attractive.

Compared to Heroes and Castles 2 with Heroes and Castles, the game’s graphics are far better and their gameplay has recovered a lot. Ability to carry out more movements with more virtual buttons and facilities for upgrading the castle is wider.