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Heroes of Order and Chaos v3.4.0h MOD Apk + Data is Available !

Game Hero of Order and Chaos Heroes of Order & Chaos

The regular version + version mode

With over 10 million users on Google Play

Presented by Loft

Heroes of Order & Chaos named one of the newest games offered by the Game Loft is. Heroes of Order & Chaos game with strategic gameplay designed for users is done online. The game has multiplayer and multiplayer modes that can compete by it with your friends.

Heroes-of-Order - & - Chaos


  • Select a desired title from among 30 unique heroes
  • Play for free with different characters with the ability to switch between heroes
  • The ability to enhance the skills of the hero in the game
  • There are action scenes and interesting during the game’s story
  • Ability to perform the game for Ally with your friends in multiplayer

In the game Heroes of Order & Chaos Online with your friends and other users around the world can compete. You can create teams and invite people to the team and help each other and build powerful hero, acts of war and defeat the enemy force residing. You can choose between 30 different heroes, each of which is intended for you that you want to select and advance the game.

You can choose to upgrade during the game hero and give more skills. In this game different weapons intended for users that can interfere with the game to use them. The weapons also have the ability to upgrade and increase the power and you can increase the power, greater use of them.

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Heroes-of-Order - & - Chaos-3
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