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Highway Traffic Racer Planet v1.3.0 Apk is Available !

High-traffic tournament game Planet Cars Highway Traffic Racer Planet

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Highway Traffic Racer Planet One of the new games and super spectacular arcade style racing and car rides in the studio by Rebel Apes is for Android. Rkvrdzny popular in this game, you have different types of machines you’ve ever dealt with before you ride and unique places to record touching the small Prdazyd.jhany in front of you and you can only with bigger car touch gestures or shaking the device in different directions guide and a memorable experience in this exciting game of Ur earn.

Highway Traffic Racer Planet


  • Three-dimensional graphics in unique style and modules
  • Different maps with various game environments.
  • Having a challenging and exciting missions
  • The ability to have different scores and achievements throughout the game
  • Effects of the van and funny crash
  • Ability to collect points just by approaching cars
  • Easy touch controls with accelerometer feature

As the name implies Highway Traffic Racer Planet is an exciting car game in the genre of racing games and driving games Rkvrdzny is a new experience of the infinite series provides for you. It should be noted that this beautiful and exciting game that has been designed to resemble any of the current games in the Android Market yet. No doubt this unique game with good design, sound exciting, HD graphics and three-dimensional, as well as having the cars and environments, diverse managed popularity Reichstag reasonably demonstrated and view any user’s attention your catches and so for the time that you are attracted to him. Earn points and record with acceptable handling equipment and other facilities to promote the game and sit on your choice of car seat behind a dangerous competition for the best place in the world to compete. In this game your best to show again.

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