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Hospital Dash v1.0.6 Apk is Available !

Hospital Dash Hospital Management and Nursing

Hospital Dash is another successful simulation game in the category of medical games and hospitals that has been designed by the Tapps Games gaming studio and released on the Android Market for free. Before anything else, the game has an unrivaled hd graphics featuring a variety of characters that, in line with its storyline, can drown you into hospital adventures for hours.

Hospital Dash


  • Diagnosis of various diseases and early treatment
  • The possibility of expanding and upgrading the hospital is achieved
  • Having over 40 different stages with new types of mini-games
  • The possibility of purchasing medical equipment and upgrading it to more efficient equipment
  • Great graphics with stunning and professional gameplay

At Hospital Dash, you are responsible for taking care of patients in a different department that should help a young nurse who has just arrived at your hospital to do his job well. In another story, in this game you can start in over 40 different stages in a unique and professional environment as a nurse, and with the diagnosis of various illnesses and treatments, by gaining, to upgrade the hospital And extend it further. At each stage of the game, you will face more severe illnesses that, with increasing skills, you can challenge these challenges one after the other. Playing as a nurse in the hospital, along with a variety of different mini games, is definitely fun and can captivate you for a long time. In general, the graphics of this fascinating game are of great quality and provide users with a variety of different characters in the hospital’s various spaces and face the challenges of a unique game simulator of the unique hospital.

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