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iCare Eye Test Pro v2.8.9 Apk Download Now !

Eye and vision test program iCare Eye Test

The purchased version program

With the ability to measure color blind

Supplied by iCare Fit Studio

Is the last time for an eye test and measurement, you have to see a doctor you remember? Your answer is undoubtedly negative.So we suggest that you use an application that you have prepared this time and test your vision and then, if necessary, see your doctor.



  • Eye test score
  • Color blind test
  • Contrast sensitivity test
  • Test saturated red
  • Astigmatism test

iCare Eye Test app for Android phones is by visual test. With this app you can measure the level of vision and a lot of items related to it. The app will take you several different tests and after that if necessary, the program will notify you see your doctor.If you care about your health we recommend you do not miss this application.

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