The latest version of Idle Universe for Android

The Idle Universe game is an awesome strategy game for Android released and released by the Exabytez studio. As the name suggests, it’s a cool title in which you need to manage the universe and the galaxy. You must first begin to collect material for the construction of a variety of planets and stars. After collecting the required amount of these materials, you can begin to create interstellar planets and produce them. A variety of planets will also be available to you, and you can easily create and grow a number of them in your own galaxy.

Idle Universe Download the cool game management world

Idle Universe features

  • An awesome strategic game
  • Good design
  • Easy gameplay
  • Simple graphics
  • Build a variety of planets and stars
  • Create 31 interstellar objects
  • Having 22 power of God
  • Promotion of all things
  • Get daily rewards
  • There are various achievements
  • The use of dark matter and the use of forces
  • And other features

As stated above, Idle Universe is an awesome Android-based strategy game that lets you enter the world of stars and planets. You can create and manage a variety of planets from small stars to large galaxies. A black material will also be available to you that you can use to make your power much higher. You will also be able to use the powers of God, and you can upgrade your entire planet and earn rewards by collecting diverse achievements. The gameplay is a very simple click-to-play game that you can easily do.