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iLauncher – OS 9 Pro v1.0.4 Apk Download Now !

The new version iLauncher iPhone theme for Android

Buy with a price of $ 2.92 on Google Play

There are many people who have phones with the Android operating system, but apparently Apple’s iPhone are interested. If you’re among this category of people and you like the look of your iPhone on your Android phone experience, we recommend iLauncher launcher install on your mobile phone so you can control the iPhone and facilities it looks good on your Android mobile phone.


Features :

  • Ability to remove fast and easy application
  • Doc-time editing and easy handling icons
  • Take folders in the home screen pages
  • Icon Pack Exclusive ios
  • Change app icons using icons Gallery
  • Ability to change the labels to customize icons
  • A quick search through files and applications by typing part of the filename
  • Launcher can run on tablets

iLauncher launcher is for fans of Apple’s phones using its appearance can change the appearance exciting new experience on your Android mobile phone. This software allows you to change the appearance of Android mobile phone will Apple iPhone.Icon Pack is a proprietary Apple has released IOS operating system can see the launcher iLauncher. It should be noted that iLauncher launcher installed on the tablet is also provided for users. Then you can get the launcher directly from the site UdownloadU

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