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Infamous Machine v1.1 Apk is Available !

Interesting game Infamous Machine

Unique adventure gameplay point and click

Original graphics with fantastic plot

Infamous Machine is a game of point and click and extremely droll that in the style of adventure runs. This game is known by the full name of Kelvin and Time Machine Blyts been released by the studio. The game is a beautiful story and a fantastic topiary anime beauty is designed to be more like a cartoon is great to play. In the car you are completely irresponsible and unpredictable time in history will appear to be a legendary genius help to complete your masterpiece.

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  • Original graphic designer extraordinary
  • Plans and plots incredibly beautiful
  • A lot of missions and tasks
  • Very interesting character and van
  • Amazing game in three seasons and different Hychan
  • Different gameplay and highly attractive
  • Great story with beautiful voice processing
  • Help famous people such as Beethoven, Newton and da Vinci

About the game Infamous Machine

Kelvin Edwin Lupin is an excellent assistant for the doctor, a physicist elite and colorless when working out the overall amp up woman! The story is about a time machine to form a tank car is designed and scorned by society is practical. Lupin doctor took advantage of the machines and inventions in the history of travel to date geniuses prevent them to record their name. Unfortunately, the time machine is destroyed, and Kelvin and his assistant Liz will repair the car so that they can avoid the goals that doctor Lupin in the head. In Chapter various celebrities such as Ludwig van Beethoven game, Isaac Newton and Leonardo da Vinci will help to find their fame now.



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