Download the new Instagram for Android Instagram

The new version of Instagram Lite has been released

Instagram – Instagram is considered to be the largest social sharing video and video network that has attracted a lot of fans from Iran.Instagram, after Facebook, is recognized as the second most popular social network among users.

Instagram has been purchased by Facebook and is used by many users around the world and Iran. Instagram is currently the most popular social network among Iranian users, and most prominent Iranians have their own page on this network.

Instagram Download Instagram and Instagram Light

Instagram program features

  • Ability to edit images and videos using custom filters
  • Ability to improve images using light, contrast, shadow and …
  • Search and find people and their accounts on the site
  • Ability to share videos and photos quickly on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks
  • Connect with Instagram users around the world
  • Ability to send videos and photos securely in direct mode to friends
  • Create private groups with friends
  • Ability to switch between different accounts
  • Increase video duration from 15 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Possibility to put pictures and videos as histories
  • Ability to annotate comments
  • Ability to release live and live video
  • Added the ability to simultaneously publish 10 photos and videos in a post

Download Instagram Lite

The Instagram is a lightweight, low-volume version of the Instagram that only has 570KB in size, but has 90% of the capabilities of the Instagram. If your space is limited, we recommend installing the light version. In future versions, the ability to send messages to contacts will also be added. This version is only installed on Android 5.0+.