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Invasion: Modern Empire v1.32.11 Apk is Available !

Beautiful game online Invasion: Modern Empire

Awesome graphics and very professional
Three-dimensional design and high attention to detail
Entertaining and competitive gameplay in the style of game strategy
Studio product tap4fun China

If you are interested in strategic games online mobile and the most popular games of the right to know, to be called Invasion game will be familiar to you. Game Invasion: Modern Empire is a strategy game attractive and popular because of the attractive and tense story content as well as other convenient features graphics and gameplay, in one of the games in this area has become very popular and has Google is just over 50 million downloads.


Features :

  • It has awesome story line
  • Detailed design and graphics
  • Tense and exciting gameplay in the genre of RTS or Real-time Strategy (strategic online game)
  • Ability to build military bases
  • To enter the multiplayer team to fight against a common enemy
  • Ability to build various structures like houses, tanks, artillery and …
  • Upgradable to multi-level structures and forces
  • Ability to use special military forces such as infantry, tanks, helicopters and fighter jets
  • Chosen as one of the best games of 2015 by Facebook

Introduction and Game Invasion: Modern Empire

And is available for free for Android platforms. Game Invasion: Modern Empire Although the content of the story and the story is not as it should, but at least a lot of similar games in the genre of content is more strategic. The overall story of the game, the Earth is a third world war. All countries have emerged as the world’s superpowers against each other and have sent their troops to the battlefield.

In the meantime, many countries together have destroyed and many others. Several Coptic planet, the world is insecure. Only in this terrible world war and the struggle remains. As one of empires, superpowers and must fight as much as you can from the military base and protect their territory and at the same time, such enemies to think ahead and increase your Qlmrvytan.

In Game Invasion: Modern Empire can benefit from a variety of defensive and offensive forces. Lets you build and nurture military tanks, infantry and air force have. Apart from these forces, you must also provide your resources so you should base production structures alongside other forces operate. Game Invasion: Modern Empire is completely online and where you can unite with other people or take action against them.

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