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Inventory + Barcode Scanner v6.18 Apk

Ability to scan barcodes and transfer information to Windows via Wifi

Scanner apps that come with mobile phones have come up with a lot of fans. Bar code codes will carry any sentence or letter, but you can only use barcode readers. Barcode Scanner & Inventory, also known as XSCANPET , is one of the most professional barcode scanners built for Android.

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  • Use of new image processing technologies to scan and analyze various barcodes, including UPC and EAN
  • Using both processors on devices with dual-core CPUs and higher, which has dramatically increased the speed of the program.
  • Rewrite the source of the application by java version 6
  • Improved user interface
  • Basic support for scanning NFC tags
  • Use the camera flash in low light conditions
  • Do not save received information in the application
  • Convert barcodes to Windows (text environments) via Wifi

Barcode Scanner is a program for decoding various barcodes for Android phones. To use this app for barcode scanners, just pick up your barcode on your barcode image to quickly identify and use the password for that barcode.

It uses the new UPC and EAN technologies to process scan images. In environments where light is low, the Barcode Scanner can also use the flipchart as a flashlight and turn it on to scan the image without difficulty.

It is also able to connect to Windows through UltraVNC and insert scanned barcodes into Windows text environment. This means that by this program you can turn your phone into a real barcode scanner!

After installing UltraVNC, enter the Barcode Scanner settings. In the wifi scanner area, enter the IP address according to the local Windows IP address, which is 192.168. *. *. The port 5900 is default and the password is also a 6-digit password that can be defined in the UltraVNC settings.

Be careful when connecting to Windows if you use the VPN and the firewall, disable them to complete the connection.

Barcode Scanner + also has similar apps with less functionality and easier to use than you can use.


XSCANPET v5.95 adds Google Drive and Dropbox backup (upload and download your Excel files and configuration files to Dropbox and Google Drive).

You can also use column customization to define Excel forms. So you edit the Excel file using a form. Available datatypes: string, number, lists of values, photos, date, time, latitude, longitude, etc.

And you can define powerfull filters and search for rows easilyly.

Now the application has a useful wizard to help you configure the app.

Download files with direct link

Apk – Size: 17.94 MB

UltraVNC v1. x86 / x64 – Size: 5.37 MB

Barcode Scanner + – Size: 1.16MB

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