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iRoot v3.4.5 and Kingo Root v4.3.1 Apk is Available !

Latest version of iRoot Windows + Android version

Latest version of Windows Kingo Root + Android Version

To rotate Android with one click from Android 2.2 up

IRoot is one of the best Rout apps for all Android phones and tablets. Now the latest version of this service is introduced in this post. So far, more than 80 million Android versions have been rooted by this program. IRoot identifies more than 8,000 different phone models. What is Ruth? Is it rooting harmful? Why should he rout and why should he not rout? Is the routine phone better or not rooted? Will routine down the security of our phone? These are the questions that we will continue to discuss.

Root Android with one click

What is root

Root actually means root and origin. In the Android operating system, Rout means access to the operating system’s core, but why should we root?

Maybe you’ve got a lot of software on the Internet and do not go anywhere. You’ve seen the site that needs it. In fact, a number of software or crackers need to have access to the operating system’s kernel to make changes, which, with the root access of the software, is able to fully perform its operation or any crack operation, or even by the rout able You will need to delete the original software in the menu that does not exist in the software removal section.

Is it rooting harmful?

No! In fact, routing does not hurt any damage, even if you ever enjoy 60% of your handset, now feel 100% enjoyable with your Android phone.

Why do not brand-name phone companies routinely place in our hands?

There are many reasons for this, but the most important reason is that in the first step, these companies have their own policies for mobile phones that give each handset flaws and disadvantages that you need to buy a brand or one Feel the model above and change your phone soon.

These disadvantages include low internal memory, lower battery consumption, and so forth, all of which can be recovered, and the second reason is that with the ability to crack all software and games are provided by the manufacturing companies The handset with various brands prevents users from accessing their handsets routinely in the service of users, and the other reason you can install recovery and custom ROMs and experience the higher Android platforms. Get What’s part of the brand-name policy is that with the lack of updates on your phone, you’re trying to persuade you to switch your phone, and there are other and many other reasons you will find out at your own time.

Routing is not only harmful, but also has many benefits. Routing does not have the slightest effect on the security of the handset, and that’s all the wrong impressions.

Note: According to all the company’s manufacturer of the handset, the handset will be out of warranty, but you will not be sensitive to these titles, as easily as you rotate your phone, it can be reworked and back to pre-router conditions.

Note: Given that it is anticipated that a large crowd of users will have to ask questions in the comments on this post, please refer to the topic created on the site to ask questions.

Be careful if your phone can be handled by these methods (one-click routine), it will be rooted in the description of your phone.Otherwise, your phone will require more specialized discussions, such as unlocking bootloaders or even dangers. An expert and risk taker who is out of the site. For this, you need to go to the forum forum at forum.apktops.ir and go to the section of your phone.

The easiest and best tutorial for one click:

  1. Download the iRoot software to read more.
  2. Install the exe file on your Windows computer.
  3. Go to the Settings menu on your Android device and scroll to the bottom of the menu (go down). You should look for a section called Developer Option or debugg option, or titles like this, usually at the top of the About phone section.
  4. Enter this section and check the usb deugging option and confirm any message you see.
  5. Now connect your Android phone to your computer and connect to the Internet.
  6. Your phone will be recognized by iRoot software, and if not detected, your phone driver will be downloaded by the software.
  7. At the end of the model, your handset will be recognized by the software, and it will automatically be routed to the phone after connecting the phone.


With this app, the routine nightmare and routine are over for you, and your phone enters the router world after the restart, and you join rotated users as well. The correct root token is the addition of a new blue superuser option to your software that indicates your full access to the operating system. From now on, any routine software will be asked to access your root, so you must select the Allow option.

The Android version of the app also has the same routine.

King SuperUser

After routing the phone, you need to have a routine and root access program. Kingo SuperUser is a tool to manage Root access on Android, and is similar to SuperSU .

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