ITranslate – free translator translator and translator software

With over 10 million downloads from the PlayStation

Supports more than 90 different languages ​​including Farsi

Shredded and Premium version and full unlock with all features

Text and word translator programs are considered as a very essential tool for mobile phones, because using it you can easily translate the words you are looking for. So far, we have introduced various translation programs on the website, which has been welcomed by excellent users. This time, we also intend to introduce one of the best programs called iTranslate – free translator.



  • Supports over 90 different languages ​​including words, phrases and texts
  • Interpreter online spokesperson
  • Ability to output audio to translate words
  • Audio input for translating words you want to translate
  • Display multiple translations to view the best meaning
  • Typing at very high speeds
  • Add to Favorites and History History section
  • Share the results by email, twitter and facebook

iTranslate – free translator is a powerful program for translating words and texts from different languages. With this software that supports more than 90 different languages ​​in the world, you can translate text and words in the shortest time. The software also supports voice commands, which helps streamline the process of translating words or texts.