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iWilde Collection v1.3 Apk is Available !

IWilde Collection Collection

iWilde Collection is another fascinating text-based game that has been able to showcase literary interactive experiences from time to time. As you know, these games are without audio and visual effects, and textual effects turn into the original beads. It’s interesting to know that this game is another hit by iClassics Collection.

iWilde Collection


  • Three short stories from Oscar Wilde with beautiful and impressive visuals
  • Supports various languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and …
  • Has over 40 minutes of original soundtrack by Gerard Pasteur
  • Has interactive, illustrative, and animated approaches
  • Includes text-based design with optimal sound and visual effects

iWilde Collection is a completely different story with artistic and technological techniques, such as Edgar Allen Poe and Hollywood, which with a special design offers a new experience of word games. It’s worth mentioning that in the game or the fascinating effect, you will see three short stories from Oscar Wilde, which is undoubtedly fun and can make moments interesting for the gamer. In general, in this new game, Eternal Wildlife’s stories reveal an interactive, illustrative and animated animation of a friendly and artistic style, and can be considered as a result of an extremely attractive and completely innovative experience.Support for various English, Spanish, French and Portuguese languages, along with more than 40 minutes of original soundtrack by Gerard Pasteur , has made it possible to make a huge breakthrough in text-based games and distinguish it from other similar games.

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