The latest version of the Jazz Smash game

Android musical games can provide you with an incredible experience. These games are such that you can hear sound from every move in the game, and a special sound is produced with every move, and you can enjoy a unique music by combining the movements.

Jazz Smash is an Android musical game created and published by Mamau Studio . In this game you have to play with a baseball stick.The gameplay is also very simple and you can play only by touching the screen. The game’s sound is also great, and with each move a sound is produced and you will be constantly playing the ears.

Jazz Smash Download Jazz Noise for Android

Features of Jazz Smash

  • Very attractive environment
  • Very simple and easy gameplay
  • A unique experience of a musical game
  • Making cool sounds
  • Excellent design
  • And other features

As you said, in the Jazz Smash game, sound is generated with every move. You need to hit the items that come to you with a baseball stick and touch the page and create a song with each move. Different items like fruit and other things are thrown towards you, and you have to hit them with the right timing and touch your page and create your own song.