A fun and addictive Jetpack Joyride game

Excellent and stunning graphics 
The regular version with the updated version 
With over 500 million downloads from Google Play 
Together with the official trailer of the game

Jetpack Joyride is the name of the game for Android phones, which, unlike the relatively simple appearance and gameplay, can be named as one of the most entertaining Android games.



  • Play the game with a very funny personality
  • Designed to be very fun and interesting
  • Use characters and fascinating items
  • Playing at a large nuclear power plant
  • Defend yourself against the troops that are in the power plant
  • Customize the appearance of the main characters of the game with different items
  • Use different weapons and weapons to fight

J e t p a ck J o y r i d e

If you’ve ever heard the name of the studio, Halfbrick Studios, you’ll know that the studio is the creator of the famous Fruit Ninja game. In addition to the famous Ninja Fruit game, this game studio has also featured a number of other popular games, including Jetpack Joyride, and this time we have prepared the latest version of for it.

In the Jetpack Joyride game you will be in the role of a very fun character and your mission is to destroy a nuclear power plant. But do not imagine that because of the word “annihilation” you are faced with an action game; not only that is not the case, but in Jetpack Joyride you will experience a completely fun and entertaining game that can take a lot of hours. Entertain The main instrument used in this game is a jet pack that connects to you and moves it to different directions.

You will find various achievements in the game, including collecting various fruits, collecting gold coins … and collecting them will give you more points. You will be able to personalize the appearance of the main characters of the game, and you can customize it according to your taste by purchasing more equipment and clothes of the same color.

The Jotpack Joyride game environment is great, and you’ll see the stunning HD graphics. The design of all the characters and all the items in the game shows that the company has devoted a lot of time to design this game to deliver a decent game and has undoubtedly been successful in this way so far. Is.