Enormous and exciting Kill Shot Bravo 

Beautiful graphics with challenging gameplay 

Kill Shot Bravo is one of the top shooting games released for Android running on mobile phones and tablets! In this game you will armed yourself with deadly sniper rifles, light and heavy weapons, artillery bombs and the latest fighting equipment to complete your missions and combat in the depths of the enemy! The game of deadly Bravo shoot out missions is a very beautiful and exciting stage that will challenge you!

Kill Shot Bravo

Features of Kill Shot Bravo

  • More than 200 different mission types
  • Play in various locations such as the mountains, jungles, Mediterranean islands and …
  • In the possession of various vehicles such as war pockets or helicopters
  • Multiplayer attack missions
  • Camouflaging and hiding among the environment to find the right shooting locations
  • Various enemies with different strengths
  • Tracking and defusing unmanned aircraft
  • Various enemies, such as plainclothes soldiers, penguins, snipers and …
  • Ability to play in single-shot duels
  • Test your skills against other players
  • The possibility of forming teams with other players and completing high-risk missions
  • Join friends to your mission and help destroy your goals
  • Ability to customize your avatar
  • Excluding various equipment such as bulletproof vests, hats, clothes, glasses, masks, gloves and …
  • Google Play Achievements and many other unique features

In the game of deadly brave shoot, you will appear in different locations and you will thwart terrorist threats. In this game you will use the latest and most modern weapons of war to destroy dangerous terrorists. Increase your shooting skills and use different guns to finish each game!