Close the running apps and speed up the KillApps Pro: Close all apps running

As you know, after getting out of some phone apps, they are not completely closed because they are ready and running, which will greatly reduce your smartphone’s speed. To this end, there are a number of different apps on the Android market, which explicitly tells KillApps Pro: Close all apps running is one of the best and it’s great for closing the running applications in the background.

KillApps Close all apps running v1.7.3 Close additional apps

KillApps Features Close all apps running

  • Prevent Auto Launch Software Backgrounds and Close them
  • Supports system programs and user programs
  • Ability to add running programs to the list of exceptions
  • Enhance the speed of the phone by emptying the occupied times in Rome
  • Closing unused software and saving battery usage
  • Ability to cool the device and reduce CPU usage
  • It has a very simple interface and very small volume

KillApps Pro: Close all apps running allows you to shut down all running applications with a simple touch and reboot the programs automatically. Prevent the automatic launch of the software so they can be removed, you can select a list of programs that you do not want to shut down, support system programs and user programs, enhance the speed of the smartphone by emptying the occupied time in Rome, soft closing Unused storage and battery storage, and more. It’s an indicator of the program, which, along with a user-friendly, easy-to-use, user-friendly interface, can speed up memory, free memory, save battery and keep your phone cool. It will improve its performance and make it unnecessary to have other similar programs.