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King of Thieves v2.20 Apk is Available !

Strategic Game of Thief King of Thieves

With over 10 million downloads from Google Play

Together with the official trailer of the game

Note that this game is done online

You probably heard the name of the famous Cut The Rope game. This game is a product of the ZeptoLab gaming studio, which is available for smartphones and has many fans. This time we also introduce another game from the ZeptoLab studio, which delivers a fun game like playing the rope game. This is the game called King of Thieves and has gained a lot of popularity among users.

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  • There are various and very entertaining stages
  • Stealing from other thieves and becoming the biggest thief
  • Fun and very addictive gameplay
  • Designed with stunning graphics and HD

Introducing and reviewing the game King of Thieves

King of Thieves is a fun and engaging game with a new theme for Android. A game in which you must go to steal other thieves.The game is based on the base, and you have to be able to steal the golds of others and be careful not to throw your gold. If you can do the same, you will undoubtedly get more privileges. Of course, Kimberly Mansell’s gameplay is not designed to allow anyone to steal from you, and since the game is being played online, so no doubt people will be kidnapped and you have to wait for it.

In this game you will be in the role of a black cube, which plays the main role of the same black cube. You have to go to every level to steal other users’ golds. There are also a lot of dangers that will threaten you. Among these threats are barriers, shields, razors, guns, and so on. Basically, each of these barriers is designed by players that you want to steal; in other words, you can also have such obstacles to the path that ends in your treasure to make it difficult to access your treasure. . So you’ve probably noticed that if you want to be less vulnerable, you need to design your way to obstacles so that it’s difficult to get out of the way.Note that you will design barriers to your own path, and the higher your level, the more likely you will be to buy better and more powerful barriers, which will make the game even more difficult, more attractive.

It’s possible to say that the robbery in the King of Thieves game is very similar to the famous Clash Of Clans game. In King of Thieves you have to do some robbery to become king of thieves in the ranking. During the game, there is the possibility of making burglars, which makes it easier to make thefts.

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