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KingRoot v4.9.5 Apk + Windows is Available !

Rooting Android phones with one click by KINGROOT

Applicable for most Android phones
Support from Android 2.2 to 6.0
||| Consequences of any use of this program will be the responsibility of the user and ApkTops not accept any responsibility |||

KINGROOT is a great tool that you can use it without anything special, and simply as possible to root your phone. Ibn tools, previously available only for the people of China, and because of the language was Chinese. But the new version has been released from KINGROOT and it Tapz on IP when you have prepared, it is the English language that everyone can use it.


One of the most interesting things about Ruth mobile phone KingRoot program is that this software will do all the operations are routed automatically and you do not have to do anything. So KingRoot greatest chance for you to root your phone will.

Two for routed by Android version of the app is placed.

Windows version was added at the request of users. Language is the Chinese version but can easily work with it.

learn inistallation:

  • Apk file that you’ve placed in the lower first download.
  • File in the internal memory of the device and install.
  • After the install, run the app and simply root your phone.


  • Ruth is a risky operation and will void your phone warranty.
  • Has not received reports of damage to the phone with this app, however ApkTops site will not accept any liability for your use of the program KINGROOT and any possible consequences to the user’s own responsibility.
  • Ruth KINGROOT using the phone as a risk you accept for yourself!
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