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KK Launcher Lollipop Prime v6.98 Apk is Available !

Lali look-up launcher for Android KK Launcher

With over 10 million downloads from Google Play

KK Launcher is one of the most beautiful and fastest, and most engaging launchers supplied for Android phones always get the latest updates for it will be seen that can change the look of your phone to be very beautiful.



  • Support different icon packs
  • Sidebar assistant has to get easier access
  • High customization options
  • Use the home screen GoogleNow
  • Ability to update to Android M
  • Has a very attractive and beautiful transition effects
  • AppLock programs to protect programs

Using the launcher can completely change the look of your cell phone and see new looks. Great launchers for Android OS has been released so far, each of which has a unique look and features that will meet the needs of users.

This time is going to introduce one of the most attractive and most fashionable Android launchers with KK Launcher have the ability to upgrade to Android 6.0 will appear. The launcher is a program that uses its AppLock can lock the app installed on your phone to prevent others from accessing it. Motor effects in the launcher used to navigate between pages is quite unique. The sample will not see them in a different launcher.


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