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Learn Arabic 6000 Words v4.62 Apk Download

Arabic language learning program Learn Arabic 6000 Words

6 thousand words important and practical

Persian language support

Today, learning foreign languages ​​much easier than before. They offer educational programs that we see these days are learning a lot easier to people to help them learn the language. Especially programs that have been released for mobile phones due to availability, are much more useful. This time on ApkTops program for those who want to learn Arabic and have prepared 6 thousand Arabic word is commonly used.


Learn Arabic 6000 Words of six thousand words of Arabic is essential and functional. The words have been translated into 59 different languages, including the languages ​​will be English, Farsi, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and others. The program for each of the words, in order to learn and you are actually doing, the photo is taken into account for each word. If you are interested in learning Arabic, we recommend you do not miss Learn Arabic 6000 Words.

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