The latest version of Android LED Blinker Notifications

LEDBlinker Notifications Introducing the Pro version of in this post is a very interesting application for Android phones, especially for Samsung’s Galaxy family, which lacks LEDs, which allows you to access Check out the latest incidents on your Android phone (Missed calls and SMS …) by a virtual LED on the screen.

In the support list, this software also has a lot of software that we will refer to. The overall structure of the app is that when the new Android event occurs on your Android device, this event will be played by LEDBlinker as colored homes on your Android device’s screen.

LEDBlinker Pro 5.7.0atributies:

  • Supports all Android versions
  • Has specific settings for each app
  • Night silent mode
  • LED display for LED-free phones
  • Supports all Android apps
  • LED light settings for different events