Different games are being developed and released for the Android operating system, and each of them manages certain features. Some games have an artistic and beautiful design that is eye-catching and attractive to users.

The Light a Way game is an awesome adventure game for Android powered by Appxplore’s Play Studio (iCandy). As the name suggests, this is a charming game that you will have on the bright side and want to turn it on. The game’s story starts from the time that darkened the sun and caused the whole world to darken. The dangerous and scary creatures have exploited this darkness and have dominated the entire world.As a guard, you have to protect the light and fight it out with the help of your fairies and friends.

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Features of the game Light a Way

  • An awesome adventure game
  • Beautiful art design
  • Easy gameplay
  • Two-dimensional graphics
  • Use more than 90 friends and fairies
  • Use different skills for friends up to 240 items
  • Learn 6 different magic among 18 items
  • Beautiful and attractive environment
  • Turn on the world and try to guard it
  • Use of a variety of light weapons
  • And other features

As stated above, the Light a Way game is an awesome adventure game for Android. With its installation and launch, you can enter into a beautiful and fascinating world. The gameplay is very beautiful and artistic, which can be very eye-catching for you. You can use your fairies and friends and use the light weapons to fight the dark. On your way you will encounter numerous enemies and you must quickly defeat them all.