The latest version of the LINE GUNDAM WARS game for Android

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LINE GUNDAM WARS is an awesome simulation game for Android released and produced by LINE Corporation’s Play Studio. It may be interesting to you that the game has been developed by the popular Linux messenger maker and is available to users. In this game you can enter other battle of Gandam wars. Types of missions and procedures are ready for you and you have to complete them. Enemies are waiting for you on a regular basis, and you have to fight against them by engaging in their various forces and captivating the fascinated battle.

LINE GUNDAM WARS Download game Gangnam Wings


  • A very awesome simulation game
  • Good design
  • Provided by the maker of the instant messenger
  • Easy gameplay
  • Touch the page to participate in the campaign
  • Choose the best position to locate
  • There are numerous missions
  • Get help from friends
  • Proper graphics
  • Charming Challenges
  • Develop and edit your team
  • And other features

As stated above, the LINE GUNDAM WARS game is an awesome simulation game for Android, which you can install and run into an exciting and engaging campaign. You will have full control over your team and you can develop it and edit team members. On the battlefield you have to be completely alert and participate in the battle by picking the best strategies. The gameplay is very easy to design and you can do it just by touching the game board.