The latest plus and fully unlocked Android Link2SD PlusWith Licensing Software for the program (new version)

Maybe you’ll be struggling with the problem of less installation space on your Android phone, but now it’s time to fix this problem forever by the Link2SD Plus software, which introduces the latest version of this site from As site. Get it out.

Link2SD Plus 3.5

The Link2SD Plus software routine with other similar software that migrates the file installation data to the memory through the Move to SD Card feature, and this feature is not supported on a large number of handsets, especially the new Samsung phone series. Is different.

Suitable for all Android phones and tablets

Even if your phone does not support App to SD, Link2SD does its job well.

To use this software, your phone must first be rooted. Then, a partition with Ex2 or Ex3 format on its memory card is created by any Windows Application Manager partition software ( Minitool is the best option), then after installing Link2SD, it logs in to the software and allows Root to be soft accessed. The software.

Now select your patch in the software and after a restart and select the Creat Link option or Auto Link (Automatically transfer) in the software, all your installer programs are fully partitioned into a previously partitioned Ex2 format or Ex3 has been built and in any case your internal storage has a lot of free space.

We recommend this software to all Android phone owners who suffer from a low installation space problem for the app and the game. You can almost say that the software is the best of its kind.


  • If you have problems with the patched version of the program and the program does not work well on your phone, we suggest downloading and installing the unpacked version of the program and activating it.
  • This program creates a license for the regular version of Link2SD.
  • You will need a rout to use this app.