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Little Alchemist v1.36.05 Apk is Available !

Android Alice’s Little Alchemist Mouse Game

Little Alchemist is an addictive and addictive combination of strategic games and spellbinding in various challenging and challenging challenges designed and developed by Kongregate for Android platforms. Explore this beautiful game featuring a smart clever girlfriend in the city and collecting spells with a clever way to overcome your enemies.

Little Alchemist


  • Explore the small town and become a master alchemist
  • The ability to upgrade and play equipment such as spell, books, tools and …
  • Ability to fight against various enemies like zombies, pirates and more.
  • Has over 300 magic for collecting and 350 powerful combinations 
  • Great graphics with fantasy gameplay and cartoon visual effects

Exploring a small city and becoming a master alchemist is your main mission in Little Alchemist , which is possible using your clever combinations of spells to defeat evil treasures and can challenge you for hours. . More than 300 magic for collecting and 350 powerful combinations included in this game to bring you beautiful moments. Unlock new events and earn important spells, customize your spell book and your avatar in the game, fight against various enemies like heroes, wizards, vampires, zombies, pirates, monsters … The other features of this game are beautiful. Along with its addictive gameplay and exciting sound, it has surpassed other lightweight games and offers one of the most appealing and exciting games in the field.

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