Media Player software for LocalCast for Chromecast TV

LocalCast for Chromecast is a functional and useful application for displaying audio and video media on a personal computer with a simple and easy-to-use interface that has been designed and published by the company for Android smartphone operating systems. By utilizing this cool software, you can share your requested files, including videos, music and photos with smart TVs, and stream them to high quality.

Download ChromeCast auxiliary tool for LocalCast for Chromecast Beta Pro v7.6.2.6


  • Ability to play and share videos, photos, videos and PDFs from your device on the screen
  • Rotate or zoom in pictures and videos
  • Possibility to add subtitles and change the font size of the subtitle
  • Support for smart TVs, iPhones and …
  • The ability to paste images and manage them
  • Ability to manage complete files through the phone on the TV
  • It has a simple and user-friendly interface

Using your handset as a wireless headset is one of the characteristics of LocalCast for Chromecast . So that you can easily connect your phone to the TV and display your audio and video files on the monitor. One of the most important features of this software application is the ability to completely manage files over the phone on the TV, so you can resize your images and easily make them small. Or zoom in.

Adding subtitles and changing the size of the subtitle font, pasting images and … is another example of this app. In general, the program is an essential tool for own media on the TV, with a user-friendly interface along with other features mentioned above, which has won the most users in the Android market. It should be noted that some of these features are only supported on Chromecast.