Hide images in LockMyPix Photo & Video Vault

Enhance the security of phone files

It’s very important to maintain the security of personal files against access by others. Many people are afraid of having access to their mobile phone because of having a movie and personalized pictures inside their phone. If you are also the same person, we suggest you do not miss out on the program we have prepared for you this time!



  • Hide infinite photos on the phone
  • Hide video from phone
  • Advanced ways to hide
  • Very high security against other people’s access
  • Hide installed applications
  • Use the template and password to protect
  • Backup option

Hide pictures with LockMyPix lets you remove your personal photos and videos from the reach of others. This will prevent others from accessing them by hiding photos and videos. With the help of this application, you can use a password or template to hide and prevent others from accessing your files. It also allows users to hide various installed applications such as Telegram, Facebook, Watts and more. The app uses new and powerful ways to encrypt it so that nobody can break it.