The latest version of Locus Map Pro – Android Outdoor GPS

One of the best offline routers in the world 
Full and cracked version with practical installation guide 
Installing this application and running it requires root

For the first time among all Iranian and foreign sites

Important: Of course you have downloaded and installed many versions of this application from various sites, but you have never managed to run the program and you’ve always encountered an error! We will teach you how to install and run this popular GPS in an innovative and instructive way.

The Locus Map Pro, introduced in this post from the As website, introduces the latest full-featured jigsaw puzzle, is the most complete and popular GPS app that is sold on Google Play at high prices. With this software, you can easily view the map of the cities and countries you want, and even use them offline for future observations.

This app is a professional GPS and router, and is a serious rival for the Sikh program.

Online and offline maps, accurate routing, tracking, area calculation, search, and professional settings are just part of the capabilities of this software.

Locus Map Pro - Outdoor GPS 3.1


  • Ability to accurately calculate the area
  • Easy storage of desired locations
  • Full support for voice navigation online
  • Weather forecasting capability for up to 7 days
  • Ability to download maps for offline use at a later time
  • Address display feature, point coordinates and …
  • Very simple and beautiful interface
  • Farsi detailed maps and fast and accurate routes
  • Compass
  • Totally offline

Enjoy Android with Androids – Our competition is with premium foreign sites, not copywriters and first-time vendors!

Important comments on how to install Lucas:

As you know, many cracked versions of this app have been published on various sites, and virtually none of them are running correctly.

Recently, versions have been released that install and run them according to the publisher sites requires the installation of Google Polymod, but since Google Polymod installation is a high-risk business, we decided to publish a copy that does not require Google Play does not have a mod and the only router to install is enough.

All versions published on the Internet after installing the same error have the following error:


In the tutorial provided by, we’ll teach you how to bypass this error so that you can always use the latest versions of this accurate and full featured router.

Important: Offline Iran map after installing the application should be downloaded through the program itself.

Tutorial on installing Locus Map Pro

This tutorial has been released to users of Android’s top Android users to prove to everyone

First of all, note that installing Locus Map Pro requires routine , and if your phone is rooted, do not think about it. In this way, you can install the final version and the full program and download all the maps, including the Iran map, for free.

Locus Map Pro installation method:

  1. First, remove all previous versions completely.
  2. Install and run version 3.1.2. Immediately after completing the program, see the program in full. (Force Stop)
  3. Regarding the type of ARM processor, or x86, copy the data file to the root of the phone on the data / data path of the previous files.(Almost all handsets are of the ARM type)
  4. Install version 3.2.0 on version 3.1.2. (Version 3.1.2 should not be deleted)
  5. Open the application again and then exit immediately. (Force Stop)
  6. Download the final version of the PER version and install on version 3.2.0 and enjoy the full version.

Note: In the future, installing new updates does not need to go through the steps and just install and run the new version on the previous version. The old file requirements are also included for download.

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