A very beautiful and adventurous game Lost Journey

Full version and paid
Two-dimensional design with simple gameplay in Adventure style
Hong Kong DreamSky studio

Lost Journey is a story about a young girl called Jeniffer who is looking for a lot of secrets in an adventurous journey. This beautiful game in the Adventure style is a product of the DreamSky Hong Kong studio exclusively for Android operating systems, available in two free and paid versions. Come along with in the introduction of the full version (Polly) of this game.


atributies :

  • Two-dimensional graphics
  • Colorful and fantasy designs
  • Adventurous and mysterious gameplay
  • It has a different story
  • There are hundreds of different puzzles
  • There are various capabilities, such as inverting gravity, making changes in space, and …
  • Beautiful and audible text music

Introducing and reviewing the game Lost Journey

Lost Journey The Lost Journey is a simple, unobtrusive, yet mysterious game that has been developed by DreamSky Studio. The game is available in two free and paid versions (at a price of $ 1 Hong Kong) with differences like the presence of ads and the lack of points in the free version. In the Lost Journey, you’re in the role of a gentle, slightly mysterious little girl named Jennifer. He takes a bold journey into a long journey to discover the facts about his life. It seems that he has been unintentionally distanced from where he lived (heaven) and lost in a quiet and complex world.

Now he has to find the path to heaven, and in this way, he will discover the adventures that have come about and bring about the causes. In this quiet, cold and high-risk world, it’s hard to find the right path. A beautiful angel who has been assisted by Paradise for helping Jennifer has come to Jennifer as a prophet and guides him in many ways. Also along the way you will be faced with other characters. Jennifer must look for a piece of his lost memories and collect the secret to find the return.

The stages and generalities of Lost Journey are based on puzzles and riddles. Along the way and in different stages you will come up with a variety of different puzzles. The graphics are very simple and two-dimensional. As with this simple graphics, the ultimate size of the game is very low, and as a result, the Lost Journey also runs on weaker devices. The Lost Journey game, including various award-winning festivals including the 2014 Best Independent Mobile Games nomination, will be the winner of the Imagine Cup Award in 2014 and beyond.