Lost Land 2 game

Sell ​​for $ 4.99 on Google Play

With excellent and stunning graphics

Along with data and game trailer

Lost Lands is an adventure-style adventure game with stunning graphics for smartphones that are sold at Google Play for $ 4.99.



  • Excellent and stunning graphics
  • Adventure to advance the game to achieve the goal of the game
  • Existence of very long gameplay
  • There are awesome characters throughout the game with a unique design

Centuries have passed since the first episode of the game. The second series of the game is presented with new stories and characters. Four horse riding men talk about things that look so good. These are about burning the villages, destroying the tanks of the people, and spreading the death and killing of people. The four men are searching for the key to the world’s gateway, and they will eliminate anyone who goes along these lines. But the most striking thing about this is the talk of a brave and young girl. This girl once once managed to save her world from demons …