Lumio Cam Professional – The Real Camera

With great and spectacular effects

Premium and Full Unlock

The use of mobile cameras has increased considerably, and the number of megapixels has become one of the main criteria for choosing a mobile phone. So users are looking for higher megapixel devices and better quality. This theme is also evolving more and more day by day as the use of photos in various social networks has increased significantly so that the user can enjoy more beautiful and quality photos on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and … Sharing, looking for a higher quality camera.

Lumio-Cam --- The-Real-Camera


  • It looks like a real camera
  • Support for selfie camera and main camera phone
  • Possibility to record video and take pictures simultaneously
  • Displays the level of the digital horizon
  • Network View (Rule of Thirds, Center Cross, Combined)
  • Getting great Salafi with high resolution with effect
  • Faucing by pressing the camera screen
  • Zooming
  • The ability to save photos and videos on a memory card

But one of the problems is that the high-megapixel requirement is not necessarily responsive to a mobile camera, and should be a powerful and excellent software as an assistant so users can have beautiful and professional photos. If you think the default phone app can not meet your needs, we recommend using Lumio Cam – The Real Camera. This software can simulate the camera’s environment just like a professional digital camera for you to fully associate your professional photography experience.

With this software, you can take high quality photos. With this software, you can use the front or back camera of your Android phone to take pictures. The zoom feature on the image is another feature of the Lumio Cam – The Real Camera app, which allows you to take a closer look at the images.