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Lumosity – Brain Training v2.0.10519 Direct Apk For Android

The introduction of full-version software and Shaggy Lumosity Premium

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Lumosity series of super Android software in order to strengthen intelligence, memory is now to introduce the newest version of its shaggy look. Lumosity is the name of a research institute Mtyr on finding ways to enhance the level of intelligence, mind and strengthen the human memory works and its employees the best neurologist in the world.



  • Has more than 25 attractive games
  • A comparison of the results online
  • User-friendly and beautiful environment.

One of the main activities of this company’s games brain games with simple graphics, but effective for strengthening the thought! Now Lumosity with 60 million users worldwide the most popular and effective training program is to strengthen the organization’s mind with the spread of smartphones apps “Lumosity” design and production, which has been several mini-games.

Approximately 15 minutes to complete the mini game Lumosity program takes place after each period of play as “LPI” which stands for “Lumosity Performance Index” Lumosity brain performance index based on memory power, precision, speed, flexibility and problem is you. You can compare this indicator with the days and months before and control effect on strengthening the mental power of your software.

Shaggy version is one of the best and most professional applications, games, small mind thinking skills based on scientific studies Shmastt completely free of charge! Select just decided to strengthen the skills of your mind and it’s smart to put games in front of you!

An example of the results of the application:

Based on studies conducted on thousands of people report that it has increased memory and power problems. Heinz Kerry, wife of John Kerry (Secretary of State of the United States) of Pittsburgh, said in an interview with the newspaper “intellectual ability and brain seizures lost due to illness and thrived with the help of Lumosity training.”

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