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  • Has over 25 attractive arcade games
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One of the main activities of this company is offering games to strengthen the brain .  With 60 million users worldwide, the Lumixity is the most popular and most effective training program for enhancing the mind. With the advent of smartphones, Lumosity has designed and developed the Lumosity application featuring several mini-games.

Approximately 15 minutes each day for the completion of the Lumoutician’s small games. It is time after each game period a rating titled “LPI” stands for “Lumosity Performance Index”, the Lumixity Brain Index, based on memory power, accuracy, speed, and flexibility. The problem is given to you. You can compare this index with the days and months before and see the impact of software on strengthening your mental power.Read Also..

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An example of software results:

Thousands report that memory and the power of problem solving have increased, according to studies conducted on them. Heinz Cary, wife of John Kerry (US secretary of state), said in an interview with the Pittsburgh newspaper that ” I lost my mind and brain through illness and seizure with the help of Lumosity training”

Important: To use the unlock version, you must log in to the application.