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Lutie RPG Clicker v1.0.6 Apk is Available !

Leti Lutie RPG Clicker

The Lutie RPG Clicker is another fascinating and addictive arcade game in the style of the game of Killie and the role played by Fantasy gameplay around a fun story powered by BlueSkyGames for Android platforms. This Android game You make a story with guards who each have different attractions.

Lutie RPG Clicker


  • Has a fascinating and influential story
  • Fantasy and epic gameplay
  • Has good sound graphics with good graphics
  • Has more than 300 different types of monster
  • Ability to run and compete online and live
  • Has more than 6 different and competitive seasons

From where it is. Lutie RPG Clicker revolves around a highly influential story that can captivate any gamer’s look and captivate her mind for a long time. In this game, after the disappearance of star stars from the sky, the earth will fall in the endless darkness. After that, you also need to create a new story to save yourself, with guards who each have different attractions. With over 300 different types of monster in a cool story mode, wake up the guards and grow your character with your system. You can also compete with other players around the world in seasonal attacks and make good moments.

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