The newest version of Magic Siege Defender for Android

Android games have a variety of features and every day you can try a new game. But one of the styles that always have different games for it is the games that zombies play in them. Magic Siege Defender is an entertaining game for Android. In this game you are the protector of your castle and you must take care of monsters and zombies. The main character of the game is also a magician who has various sorts of magic to defend himself. You must use the scrolls and magic balls to stop the zombie entrance to the castle. You should also try to create and use more powerful balloons by upgrading the magic.

Magic Siege Defender Download magic game for android

Magic Siege Defender features

  • Fun design
  • There are thousands of zombies and monsters
  • Great game graphics
  • Unique sound effects
  • Has 6 different weapons
  • Has 4 different arrows
  • The ability to upgrade weapons
  • Various and challenging stages
  • High excitement during the game
  • And other features

As stated above, Magic Siege Defender has a good graphics and excitement of the amazing sound effects during the game. It is also possible to upgrade weapons and spells for more and better defense of the castle, and you can use the coins you get during the game to upgrade your items and more powerful with zombies and monsters. Deal with

The game consists of many different and challenging stages, and each stage can bring a lot of excitement to the player. During the game, more and more zombies will attack you and you have to think beforehand to deal with them.