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Magic Sorcery3 v1.1.3p1 APK + DATA DOWNLOAD

Play Magic Sorcery! 3 v1.1.3p1 Android - mobile data

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A legendary adventure of monsters, traps and magic. Start your journey here!

The creators of the 2014 Game Time, “80 days”, the third edition of the popular game The Magic of Steve Jackson have to offer! A reaction story in there that hundreds of thousands of choices, with each selection, the story changed, and all these choices can remember like and none of the stories are the same.

This game is based on the best-selling game series by legendary game designer Steve Jackson produced. Aynkl unique burner technology use, the game is actually written, and with your actions and choices will change.

Abad palace is a wild land environment – a desolate desert, a winding forest, the mountains and ruthless fault Khhmgy terrible serpent guarded by seven. But if you want to get Mampang and kings crown should pass this land. Rely on your wits or get passed by fighting – can be proud of, lie, cheat or steal play – the choice is yours.

Features Sorcery:

– Everywhere you look: move freely in the world, in every direction you want to go and create their own story.

– Signals new era allows you to radically change the world – travel to the past or the present or the two mixed together.

– Thousands of choices: all they remember as you adventure form

– Thirty new enemy, one of the seven deadly serpent, each method has its drawbacks

– Swindell Rolling back! Game bluff and trick new and more intelligent enemies back!

– New spell to discover a new magic that can not master them

– Five Goddess, each of which has its strengths and weaknesses

– Begin your adventure here, or choose your character and the series to load

– New music from composer “80 days” Lawrence Chapman

– Two new three-dimensional map that is drawn by hand by Mike Shelley.

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