Magic Tiles 3 is a fun magic mosaic game

Magic Tiles 3 is the name of a fascinating game that can be put into a musical category. The game is played by the game studio Amanotes JSC. Designed to be completely free to download on Google Play, and now the latest version of the game is available to you. You can download the regular version of the game from this post. Magic Tiles 3 is similar to the Piano Tile game.

Download Magic Tiles 3

atributies :

  • Create beautiful and beautiful melodies with your taste
  • Ability to play in battle mode to compete with other players
  • Making music in various fields like pop
  • Play in the challenging section with awesome and fun items
  • Ability to share games by logging into accounts
  • Compatible with all types of phones and tablets
  • Beautiful quality graphic

Introducing Magic Tiles 3

The game is about a smooth section, with different d sections of music on them, and you can hear beautiful sounds by hitting any of them.Now, to entertain yourself, you need to put each one of these notes and piano and other sounds together to create a charming music. By making attractive music you can access the next section of the game.