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Major Gun: war on terror v4.0.7 MOD Apk is Available !

Very exciting and fun Major Gun game

Fantasy and fantastic graphics
Popular action-style gameplay from first-person shooter view (FPS)
Presentation of the Polish studio byss mobile
Normal version + Modified version

The FPS style, abbreviated to First Person Shooter, is undoubtedly one of the three top-notch video games ever since. In this style of play, players play the role of the main character and play the role of personality of the story. For this reason, in the FPS games, the focus is on designing weapons and simulating them. The game is very popular and fun Major Gun is one of these fascinating games in the style of the Endless Arcade Gun Shooter. This game is a product of the byss mobile studio.


atributies :

  • Wonderful and spectacular design
  • High detail graphics
  • Dynamic gameplay and much fun in Action / FPS style
  • Comfortable controller alongside challenging gameplay
  • There are dozens of heavy firearms in different classifications
  • Ability to upgrade weapons
  • The presence of various enemies including ordinary soldiers, dogs and bosses
  • Ability to use items and special forces

Introducing and reviewing the game Major Gun: war on terror

Undoubtedly, the beautiful and popular Major Gun game, or heavy weapon, will be attractive to any gamer interested in FPS games. This beautiful game was developed by the byss mobile studio of Poland in Action / FPS style. The game’s model is in the Endless Arcade Gun Shooter style, the infinite entertainment style.

In the Major Gun game, you are a special state troop officer assigned to destroy terrorist bases. You have to shoot enemies with firearms and take them all out. The name of this game is also selected due to heavy weapons in various classes. In the game of heavy weapons, you can make and upgrade each of several different weapons.

Your enemies will include soldiers, dogs and dangerous bosses who will be a memorable challenge to take them away. The gameplay is fantasy and fluid, and this makes it even more streamlined and easier to run. Also, in the gameplay section, the use of a dynamic and attractive system will keep you entertained for a long time. In Major Gun you must aim and destroy enemies in the least time possible. The more you will endure, the better you will get.

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