The latest version of OsmAnd + Android router software

With the full download of the latest version of the Iran + Iran map

The most complete and up-to-date offline map available on the web for Iran

We recommend that you do not miss this offline and updated map under any circumstances

Feel the perfect and perfect ride navigation with these upgraded maps on the journey

OsmAnd + Maps & Navigation is a great software suite with incredible maps for offline routing for friends who are interested in navigation software, which can be compared to other competitors and similarities such as Sygic, Ndrive and Navitel and Locus, etc., all of which are already featured on the site and available in the site’s archive, due to its super-quality graphics and, most importantly, the emergence of one of the best in its kind. This software is one of the best rings in Iran and even the world with free access and existing maps that we are introducing to the latest and most updated maps of Iran and the world!

osmand +atributies:

  • Ability to display your position and orientation on the map
  • Ability to save your favorite places
  • Ability to download unlimited free, directly from the app
  • The maps are very up-to-date and constantly updated
  • Various coverings such as tour / navigation GPX tracks and additional maps with customizable display opacity
  • Support for Persian language and Persian spokesperson
  • Show metro and bus routes in Tehran and other cities
  • Quick and accurate routing offline
  • Detailed maps of large cities
  • Show accurate polar directions
  • Easy navigation
  • Quick and accurate search of cities and streets


The maps of this program can be downloaded by the program itself, but for the sake of ease the most recent map of Iran has been placed offline for VIP users. Copy the offline data The new version requires rooting unlike previous versions and is installed by titanium back up.

Guide to launching the application and using the maps of Iran:

Install the app and download the latest Iran map from the Asia Maps list.