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Marvel Contest of Champions v3.0.1 Apk + Data

Play Marvel Contest of Champions v6.0.0 Android - mobile data

Less someone who is not familiar with Marvel famous company and the company did not remember. This reputable company is now trying to provide a tough tough game in style! To increase the popularity of your company. Marvel Contest of Champions is an action game with three-dimensional graphics for Android MARVEL is large companies.In this game you with a selection of movie heroes such as Spiderman, Hulk, The Dark Knight, Man X, cloud, Iron Man, Captain America, etc. You can also compete against each other to destroy Bprazyd. The game is online and has a strong graphic that fascinate you. Choose a team and play with your favorite place to combat it.

Marvel Contest of Champions is one of the best games in the genre battle with HD graphics seem to attract anyone.In this game you have only one task, just click and drag. In fact, this is a negative in the game because the gameplay is very simple and controlled entities is very similar so that if your device in your hand without looking at the screen and tap are more likely to win a fight you you’ll be! In fact, after a couple of hours to play Marvel Contest of Champions, space for you and keen to continue playing will not be repeated. Apart from the negative case mentioned above, the game is quite a handicap of freedom to the user so that the person feels a real marvel in his mind.

Features Marvel Contest of Champions:

– Smoother gameplay and engaging games

– The choice of champions and location

– Excellent graphics and HD quality

– Low volume of the graphic

Changes in this version:

– A new contestant characters

– Increase the level summons to 60

– The most powerful heroes 5 star opened up to competition

– Optimize the exchange of information among the allied forces

– Improvements in artificial intelligence game Battle Arena and …

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