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Maverick Pro v2.8 Apk is Available !

Maverick Maverick’s location

Take advantage of downloaded maps in offline mode

Buy with a price tag of $ 7.9 Play Store

Maverick plans to locate a powerful Android phones that use it can simply find your desired location. Software Maverick Qadra set to the desired location on the map and give you full information about it. You use the Maverick program enables you to download online maps to take advantage of them next time you’re offline. Maps that will be available in Maverick Software, the Google site maps are.



  • Routing worldwide for online and offline
  • Download maps for offline use
  • Sharing current location with your friends
  • Find the names of streets and alleys carefully
  • Zoom (zoom in) on your location
  • View the distance between cities in kilometers
  • A simple environment with easy operation for Beginners

Maps that are displayed in the application form can be downloaded 2 are:

1. You can contact your Internet connection through software to download maps of the city or region, and then use it in the future.

2. The second method uses software Mobile atlas creator (the software can be installed on Windows PC and a prerequisite for implementation of the Java Runtime is) is. That you’re using the Maps app after downloading the track maverick \ tiles \ GoogleMap in your memory card.

Note: This software does not enable routing and using it only to “locate” you will have.

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