Fast and Powerful Macstone Browser – Fast

More than 50 million downloads from the PlayStation site

Very high speed + Internal download manager

When it comes to surfing the web, the human mind automatically goes to the Internet to use the computer. But perhaps it’s interesting to know that these days, browsing on mobile phones has increased so much that it’s possible to say that many users use tablets or mobile phones to use the Internet and load different sites. Hence, in many websites, the design of the site is tailored to mobile phones. But we still see that in some other websites design is not designed in the right way for web browsing on the phone and tablet, and as a result, users often have problems surfing the mobile phone. The solution in such a situation is the use of a proper browser that is not difficult to design with old ones.

Maxthon-Web-Browser --- Fast


  • Quick access by placing favorite websites in speed dial
  • Possibility to place the favorite media in the section of speed dial
  • Ability to sync open tabs among different devices
  • Supports sending text, images, websites, links with any other device
  • Support for downloading and uploading files using various cloud services
  • Quick and easy sharing of multimedia files on facebook, twitter, email and …
  • Ability to sync bookmarks at any place for quick and easy access
  • Anonymous surfing to prevent your identification
  • It has a very high level of security that will provide you with the security of your internet connection
  • It has a study mode in which case the font size will be as good as possible
  • The best way to manage tabs (open tabs) is to make browsing easier
  • Supports different plugins for a different experience from web browsing
  • It has many options for placing browser settings like placing a profile picture
  • Full support for flash files including SWF games and videos

Maxthon Browser – Fast is known as one of the most powerful browsers available for the Android operating system. The version of the computer and the Windows version of the browser was released in the past and was able to gain a lot of popularity and according to the experience the developers have in the design of a browser for the computer, the design of the version of Android was also carried out with the least possible problems. Where users get an unprecedented experience of surfing the web. Macstone Browser has a very high speed loading and displaying web pages. With this browser, you can load Internet pages at very high speeds. An excellent example of Macstone’s browser is another reason why users will be safe on their web browsing!

One of the other features in the Maxthon Browser-Fast browser is the ability to remove and display ads on sites. The Macstone browser is designed to block annoying ads on sites so that they do not harass users. This feature is particularly suitable for sites with a lot of ads.